Keeping it on a positive note with children

Rearing children is a big responsibility.  It takes a lot of effort, time, and financial  just to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. It is imperative that you take the time to invest in your children.  The quality time spent with children, helps mold and influence their choices when they become adults.

Family dynamics can be incredibly challenging, but the development of your child is crucial.  Family time is extremely important.  Parents need to make a conscientious effort to schedule mealtimes together (breakfast or dinner) and plan family events (bowling, miniature golf, picnics in the park, movie night, card games).  Having heartfelt conversations should entail asking questions about their children’s activities.  Ask about their personal outside interests and enrolling them in classes.  In addition, ask them about their thoughts, feelings, how are they getting along in school, what do they like about themselves, etc.  Because there are so many outside influences, you need to know how your children are being affected.

Giving your children daily positive affirmations about their looks, their character and their capabilities help to build their confidence and emotional well being.   As a parent you have to consistently reinforce that you are very proud of your children, and give examples like, “you did a good job on your chores this week”, “I spoke with your teacher and was told you are doing an excellent job on your homework assignments”, “it was appreciated that you did not have to be told to clean up your room this week, you did it on your own” and other accolades.

As a parent, you need to know your children’s feelings, and they need to know how you feel about them.  The desire to belong starts at an early age, and it is very important for your children’s mental and emotional health to feel that they are a part of the team.